And for the twenty-first time…

And so another year has come and gone and in much the same way that causes most people (myself included) to simultaneously think “hasn’t it flown by” and “last new years seemed ages ago” it has lasted exactly a year. That time has predominantly been made up of prolonged periods of inactivity and little flourishes of frantic hurrying during which everything of note happened. I have, in no particular order (especially not chronologically) passed my first year of uni (fairly well if I might say so), jumped in the maths pond, walked along a beach before sunrise, walked up various hills of the lake district, walked at least some of Hadrian’s wall, bought a DSLR camera, a HIFI and an excessively expensive phone, cycled along the swanage part of the coast path (on a road bike) and, perhaps most oddly for me, competed in a ballroom dancing competition. All in all it’s been a fairly enjoyable and eventful year.

And now here I am, coming to the end of the holidays and already regretting the days spent doing nothing that I enjoyed so much when they were here. Of all the stuff I had given myself to do during the time off I have done precisely none and I therefore have the one week remaining to do everything including sorting everything on my computer so I can reboot it with a clean install of windows and possibly a more interesting version of linux, write an essay on a subject I know nothing about and finish writing a program in c and a report to go with it. In amongst this I really ought to row at least a couple of times and learn the complex analysis from the lectures I missed last term. I can’t see the learning happening to be honest.

This brings me on to the resolution part. The bit where I make a whole list of improbable promises to myself about what a wonderful person I’ll be by this time next year. Going for the realistic ones first,

– 6:30 2k and 17:30 5k (down from 6:45 and 18:12)
– actually succeed in a cycle touring trip, possibly LEJOG
– pass another year of uni preferably in a comparable manner to last year.
Without worrying too much about my priorities given that that’s the order I thought of them in, I shall move on to the less achievable but also less quantifiable goals.

– Standard, be more on time to stuff, do assignments on time, stay awake in lectures types. – also unoriginal, gain muscle lose fat types.

Moving on slightly (but not really) I’m hoping to keep track off money again. not sure I want to spend any more time being unaware of how much money I have. I used to be so good at it.

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