And only six months after I’d planned

I have finally got around to sorting my computer. No longer am I ignoring the complete lack of order and (in the case of my Ubuntu install) lack of things like CD drives. No longer do I have countless GBs of music that I can’t listen to due to it not fitting on my HDD. I now have a huge(ish) harddrive (500GB double the old one) and a fresh, clean operating system again (or even two). All things considered it went quite smoothly. I only had to install Windows twice and try five different linux distros to get here.

I finally settled on the KDE version of Fedora. Wanting a change from Ubuntu, I originally went for Mint but on installing, it decided that it didn’t want to do such things as scroll webpages in one go and prefered to move different lines up the screen at different rates. This made for rather inconvenient Reddit procrastination although on second thoughts it would probably have been beneficial to keep it that way. From there I considered Kubuntu but erred away from it due to it essentially being ubuntu and wanting a change. Fedora was the next big distro that I had heard of and, knowing very little more about any of them, I assumed that meant having the best chance of having devoted fans/geeks online to assist me in every little thing I attempted.

So far I have it’s nearly worked properly. Only issues have been simple, unimportant things like being able to access hard drives and such. Getting photos off my camera has also been interesting. For some reason it won’t let me mount it like a normal drive and instead has to go through some daft software that refuses to believe photos are ever taken in a format other than .jpg.

Using some program call digiKam I finally succeeded in downloading them, seeing how bad the photos of Bedford really are and discovering that the photo preview feature in Fedora is worse. Things that I took for granted in viewers such as Picasa like scrolling to zoom are gone, and there seem to be only two levels of zoom at all. DigiKam has a viewer/album feature but it likes crashing more than showing photos. Gimp and UfRAW are still around but aren’t much use to select photos. Looks like I might have to head back to Windows to sort this lot out until I find a workable solution.

So now I have no excuse (other than revision possibly but I can’t see that stopping me) and have a few hundred photos dating back from last August to sort. The main ones are Hadrian’s Wall, The Lake District, The Doncaster Zoo place and Bedford. By the time I’ve got through any I’ll probably also have some from Nottingham this weekend too.

Update: just booted Windows to try and sort photos. It refuses admit that the shared drive has anything on it. No idea why, it was formatted by Windows and the music was copied to the external hdd using windows. Oh well, a problem for another day.

Also discovered ufraw doesn’t work with Gimp on Linux either and that it has to go via a .ppm file. Argghh

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4 thoughts on “And only six months after I’d planned

  1. Gimp does work with ufraw but you need to install ufraw-gimp. Then if you open a raw file with gimp it will use ufraw.

    Not sure about your problem with digikam. I’ve always found it stable even with several thousand images. However there is a Picasa for Linux if you prefer that.

    Digikam’s preview can load a reduced image or the full sized one, which gives better quality but is slower.

    You may need to configure file associations to recognise raw and other images formats as images too.

    • Cheers, I had UFRaw+GIMP running on Ubuntu ok so maybe I’ll try reinstalling it. Does it matter which order they’re installed in? Picasa 3 is the other problem at the minute. It flashes up the load screen then gives up. I will keep trying with digiKam, from descriptions of it and the few times I’ve tried it, it should be a really useful program.

      • Perhaps I didn’t make it clear that ufraw-gimp is the name of the Fedora package to install to add ufraw capabilities to Gimp. I would think if you try installing ufraw-gimp and ufraw or gimp aren’t installed they will be pulled in as dependencies.
        For Picasa go to the Fedora forum and do a search for picasa. I remember seeing some threads on getting it running. A good idea is to start it from a terminal window and look for errors. Probably missing dependencies. I haven’t used it for years, prefer digiKam.
        digiKam is worth the effort to get used to. Make sure that the kipi plugins are installed. Some versions of Fedora didn’t include them with digiKam. Go to the settings look at the plugin screen, should have lots of options there if they are installed.

        BTW if you like Fedora you should have a look at Kororaa – It is a Fedora spin with all the popular additions included.

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