The good, the bad and the ugly

Or rather the bad, the ugly and the good.

After a night’s cramming and rote learning of definitions I was feeling surprisingly confident (all things considered) for Differentiation, the first exam this season. Things started going wrong before I even got there. About halfway up the hill to uni I started to get the tell-tale signs of a flat rear tyre, a squirming back end and huge rolling resistance. Already running about ten minutes later than I’d have liked, I ignored it to get there on time. It’s an odd feeling having the back of the bike sliding sideways. I’ve never kept riding with a flat before always opting to protect the rim. I did arrive in the end although by the time I’d worked out where I could leave my bag, found the exam and then run back outside to find my seat number, they were reading out the announcements. Perfect timing I reckon.

From there it went from bad to worse. It turns out that I don’t know anything about differentiation. I maybe answered 35%. Not sure how well that one’s going to turn out.

From there I had my 2k test. I was feeling quite confident about it really and the 6x500m we did on Monday helped in terms of confidence. I was aiming at a 1:36.5/500m split and 6:25 2k.

We had the best part of an hour between the exam and test so plenty of time to warm up, stretch and hydrate. As it turned out it didn’t go too well. I still got under 6:30 (another year’s resolution achieved, 6:29.0) but had nothing else to give. Was fairly disappointed. I’m putting it down to the balcony being insanely hot and having just come out of an exam.

Then to top it off we followed the test by an outing. I swear I have never felt that shattered while in a boat. I was struggling to concentrate on anything. I think this was shared by people all the way down the boat as the outing was a bit shabby around the edges in all respects.

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