Oops, I did it again…*

I don’t know how I manage to fail to learn from experience so well. I now find myself with 26 hours to learn a module from scratch. This time it’s Hamiltonian Mechanics, a module that was taught in the first term, hasn’t been looked at since and that I didn’t really understand that well at the time. A brief glance through a past paper (which, thankfully has answers to go with it) reveals that I am currently unable to answer a single question. This may be more interesting than Saturday’s Algebra II paper.

In the next two days I also have Number Theory (tomorrow AM, currently 22 hours to go), which might actually go okay given that it was new to me this term and I still have the residue of the stuff I learnt for the weekly tests, and Combinatorial Optimisation.

Co-op is another module that I’ve not revisited since the end of the lecture course (second term). I am beginning to think this may not be the best method of coping with one’s degree. I’ve just looked through a paper from last year and on the plus side, other than linear programming, I can remember most of it (from A-level D1 as much as the lectures), on the downside, 60% of the course is linear programming. This may be an issue.

I think that I might give the 60 minute UT2 erg a miss this evening. Not sure it’d be a wise idea. How much can fitness really drop in a week anyway? If they want me to go rowing tomorrow evening after two exams and the night before a third, they can take me missing a training session once in a while, even if it is a week before Henley, which incidentally, WE HAVE PRE-QUALIFIED FOR! Yeah UWBC.

*Who doesn’t like a Britney Spears reference? On a related note, the best version of today’s title track

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