The world of metal music

Is apparently a small darkish venue in back end of Coventry somewhere. It looks like it’d be a fairly decent place to spend an evening with the bar, a group of people and a band playing. The reality of the situation though is that I’m sitting in the room next to the one with people and the band on my own with a glass of tapwater trying as well as I can to protect what is left of both my hearing and my sanity.

I’m not sure what it is that causes people to think that music is improved exponentially by increasing the volume and that therefore the only logical solution to any issue is to add greater and greater numbers of amps, each turned to eleven until you can only feel noise and lose any ability to think.

They don’t seem to realise that they are actually playing to a small room with maybe twenty people in and that any musical talent any of them possess (and I don’t doubt that they are talented), is being destroyed by the volume. Sitting on the other side of a brick wall, it, while still being too loud to appreciate, is at least recognisable as music and behind the dull roar of static-like sound and the constant screaming of an incomprehensible stream of what I can only assume are lyrics, there is almost a discernible baseline and guitar lead.

All in all I think I may not be the greatest fan of this entertainment, so I’ll return to being the grumpy git in the corner, an old man before his time complaining at the heathen racket and muttering into a pint (of water) until it’s time to be taken home.

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