A new leaf… Maybe

I’m fed up of thinking “I’ll write this thing sometime” and “it would be good to be able to read back on this”. Since this is supposed to be national writing month (one of my housemates is doing the Nano Wrimo thing) I figure I could stretch to a word or two every so often.

It may turn out that this is a bad thing and a detriment to anything else I’m supposed to be doing (I waste enough time as it is). Even now I am writing this instead of concentrating on what I’m sure is a delightfully interesting manifolds lecture. In my (admittedly weak) defence, I left any form of note taking paraphernalia at home so can’t be writing anything else anyway.

While this may seem remarkably short sighted when it comes to packing for uni, I am usually more together than this really. (back onto rowing) The fours head has finally arrived and the boat club in its infinite wisdom has decided that we are travelling down this evening and staying somewhere in London for the night, since the pickup is on campus and I am lazy, I brought everything I needed (and inevitably a lot of stuff I don’t) with me. What obviously slipped my mind was that I had uni first.

On the subject of the fours head, I am actually looking forward to it. When I initially saw the four I was in I must admit I was apprehensive, but after a week of outings getting more and more together as a crew, I am surprised how well it is going. There is very good rhythm and the boat spewed is good even at low rate. There are a couple of issues with people moving shoulders around on the recovery but even with that the boat is more stable than a lot of boats I’ve been in. We were even able to get decent times for pieces. I think I could even get used to sitting at stroke. It gives a certain feeling of importance that I could certainly get on with and I never have to go along with a rhythm that doesn’t feel right.

Back to the moment, who knew manifolds could be so enthralling?

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