Just a light 2k

Well, I made it. Don’t think the final result was really a true marker of where I am but at least it showed I could get to lightweight and row a semi-decent time.

Woke up at 76.1kg and one breakfastless morning later and 30 minutes on spinning machine (wearing more lycra than one ought to) I weighed in at 75.00.

With two hours to go before racing I set about drinking and eating enough to carry me through 2k. I was 76.5 kg again within twenty minutes of stepping off the scales. After watching the open weight finish with two people faster than my PB (one by 0.1s) I figured I could have fought for second if I was at normal weight. As it was I felt awful.

200m in I realised I had no strength in my legs. It was odd.I still had the same fitness but nowhere to use it. Like putting a 50 litre fuel tank on a moped. Very efficient and can go for miles but no power. At all. I don’t think I went below a 1:36 split for the whole thing and spent most of it at 1:40+.

I finished in 6:39.8 in second place in the lightweights, seventh overall. Still fast enough to have got through the lwt u23 GB trials had I entered and been lightweight when they were on.

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