Nine Weeks Down…

Or nearly anyway. In theory I have the rest of this set theory lecture to pay attention to and an extra, bonus, lecture an hour after it finishes to make up for one he missed last week. In reality, if I can’t bring myself to be interested in whether or not two definitions of finite are the same (and I can’t) for one hour, I can’t see the point in dragging it out over two. I also have training this evening. 3×10 minutes. It’s not a long session, and I should do it. But…really? It’s Friday evening and the thought of sitting at home is much more appealing than sitting on a erg and sweating excessively.

In a slightly more interesting discovery, GCHQ is running a code challenge thing to encourage people to think about a career with them, and, whether I want to work with them or not, it’s quite interesting to try and break.

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