This term’s cut off is week 6

So I made it five weeks in to this term before losing the will to carry on. That’s quite a long time by my standards. I’m not sure what it is that kicks in every term but I’m no longer able to focus on the material, the point of each module has faded beyond retrieval and I have to keep convincing myself that half way through the third year is too late to justify dropping out.

The only piece of ‘good ‘news is that I have been kicked off one of the modules I had been doing up to now. I feel it necessary at this point to reassure you that this was through no fault of my own. Knowing my chances of staying interested in the various maths modules on offer I looked around a bit and settled on ‘Algorithmic Graph Theory’ offered by the computer science department. It wasn’t on the list of standard options so had to be approved. Which it duly was. The lectured signed it off. My tutor signed it off. The ‘director of maths undergraduate studies’ signed it off. This was all in the first week of term. The impression I got from all this signing of pieces of paper was one of acceptance and approval of my choice and I diligently (well, nearly anyway) set about turning up for lectures and actually doing assignments. It turns out that I can’t take this module. They choose to tell me this now. Six weeks into term. That’s 18 hours including two 9:00 starts a week for nothing.

I feel I ought to go and make my thoughts and opinions known to the undergrad office with many colourful expressions and a sprinkling of unsightly gesticulation, but the more I think about it, the less I actually want to take the module any way. I’d hate to go to all the effort of informing them of my displeasure only to have them worsen the state of affairs for everyone concerned by letting me carry on with it.

Of the four modules I am left doing this term, two could (with a little stretching of the imagination) be considered interesting, one is bearable on a good day and the other is incomprehensible at the best of times and is lectured by a woman with a high pitched monotone and a strong accent. Lamda Calculus isn’t even as fun as it sounds.

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