Back on Home Waters

After fighting the VIII at uni all term it was always going to be good to be back in a boat that runs well. To come home to bright sunshine and discover that the double was running as well as it was last summer, if not better, was something else. I really look forward to these sessions now. There’s something about sculling that sweep doesn’t offer. The more natural movements as you stay central and the feeling of greater independence while still having to work together. Being our first couple of sessions, we just did steady paddling rather than anything speed related, but there was still run on the boat and the noise of the water as it passes under the boat is one that never gets old.

The comparatively state of the art boat house I scull from during holidays. It even has running water

After readjusting blades and such back to how they were when we were last in the boat, we only ended up getting six lengths in before it was too dark. I had also cycled the the boat house (20 miles) so wasn’t really up for much more. Saying that though, it didn’t feel as bad as it could have done. I managed an average of 21.8mph on the way. I also managed about 45mph average on the way home but that was more due to being collected by the parents. I’m not sure that’s how training is supposed to work but I could hardly turn them away once they were there.

Saturday’s session was longer ending up at 12 lengths (~20km) and included a few higher rate/pressure lengths. On the last of these, the eleventh length of the session, we did a r32 length resulting in a time of 5:37. I don’t think either of us were that close to completely flat out and it was still faster than our fastest of last year. It’s really starting to move well again. Extrapolating using dodgy maths (maths degrees don’t use numbers) and Paul’s law, it works out to be ~7:07 for 2k. This isn’t amazingly quick but is closer to record times than the VIII ever went this term. And even closer than that considering it as PGM.

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