The world of employment

Is about to be upon me. Knowing it would be inevitable eventually and choosing to face it now rather than let it catch me unawares later, I have a job. Going back to age old ways of getting a job, and proving it’s who you know not what you know, I am working for the company my father works at doing stuff I know precisely nothing not very much about. Through my degree I had taken every opportunity to avoid maths and had therefore spent much time doing computing modules. These focused on using c or java to make command line programs to do calculations of one sort or another, possibly with an input file being read somewhere.

A few years back while at school I did an IT project that entailed writing a spreadsheet for an existing company. I wrote one to help choose correct machine parts and provide a quote from a price list. Apparently it’s still being used by the sales department now.

These combined have apparently lead people to think I am good at, and enjoy, “computers”.

I was looking for a job based around something computery so Dad asked if they (the company) were looking for some “computery” stuff to be done. When they did, my services were put forward and I was offered an open ended position to sort the problems they were having.

So far so good. Until that point I assumed I would be doing more of the same and that I would spend my time finding out just how much I enjoyed MS Excel. Until I turned up to find out exactly what they wanted, that is. It turns out I’m writing bespoke software for collating and analysing customer complaints and warranty claims before moving onto the next items on their long and equally intimidating list. Out of my depth doesn’t really start to cover it. I told them this and they said I’m starting on the 3rd of September.

I think a baptism of fire followed by abseiling up an exponential learning curve (from what I can remember of the past three years I’m thinking I probably don’t mean exponential, maybe inverse or negative exponential – something like 1-e-x2?) are going to be the main events of September.

The week until then currently has me running around frantically trying to figure out the difference between SQL, mySQL and SQLite, whether CRUD is a good thing for software to offer and which way up php, Apache and visual basic go. It could be an interesting experience.

In the mean time, if anyone knows a diminutive fellow with an unusual long name with some time on his hands, could they send him my way?

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