Batteries not included

We don’t have a coach at the moment (or not one who is present more than 2km once a month) so we’ve been self-coaching. At the end of each outing discussing what the main issue we were having was and focusing on that the next time out. All well and good, until you realise that it’s very difficult to know what’s causing issues in a boat if you can’t see what’s happening. It’s also difficult to know what you’re doing at all.

Sounds silly but without seeing yourself from outside you can exist blissfully unaware that you are doing things you shouldn’t be and are not doing things you really ought to be, even when you’re concentrating on doing them. Unless you have someone outside the boat, changing the way you do something is just guess work most of the time.

What seemed to be an excellent idea at this point was to get a camera and work from there. It wouldn’t be in real time but at least we could actually see problems and changes. All was going to plan as we borrowed a camera and tied it precariously to a back-stay hanging off the side of one of the riggers. Foam ducktaped to the back in the hope that it’d float in the (not very) unlikely event of an emergency escape, copious amounts of anything we could find to ‘secure’ it in place, and we were ready to go.

Enough Duck Tape?

Shoe laces and old inner tube included

What we hadn’t counted on was the battery lasting precisely the amount of time it took to pick the boat up and carry it to the water.

Maybe tomorrow will be more successful although if you ever want some lovely high quality footage of a boat being put in water, you know who to ask.

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