Rowers in the mist

So after yesterday’s debacle I returned once more to the scene of the incident with fresh hopes, bright aspirations and extra duck/duct (don’t even think about getting me started on that one) tape. Having been mocked and ridiculed for such an (apparently) absurd idea yesterday, both before and after admitting defeat, going through it all again this morning must have seemed like pure madness. Never the less, we (/I. I think that by this point even the ever patient bowman was looking embarrassed and trying to disassociate himself from the ordeal) once again spent several minutes tying pieces of inner tube and shoelace to back-stays. Thinking about it, I can see why they were laughing.

After a while I ran out of things to throw at it (I didn’t think they’d appreciate the sink being taken from the kitchen) and decided there was nothing left but to try it out.

It all went rather swimmingly. It didn’t get dunked (very much) as we put the boat on the water and it didn’t make the boat (very) unbalanced as we were putting blades in and didn’t get in the way as we generally faffed around before getting in.

To be fair to the non-believers, up until this point even I wasn’t convinced it was going to work. From the three seconds I’d seen of yesterday’s video, I knew that the framing was ok and we were both visible to the extent that you could clearly see what we were doing, but since we’d not actually rowed before taking it off the boat again, I didn’t know if it would pull us down on one side. On one hand it was a very light camera, on the other it was hanging a long way off one side.

It turns out that it was a different, previously unimagined, issue that got the better of us/it. From the beginning of the outing, when it worked well and we were bright and clear, we slowly deteriorated into obscurity as the waterproof casing fogged up. Not all of the casing. No, that would still be inconvenient but understandable, this was just the lens. Every now and then I’d glance sideways slightly and see the crystal clear camera case bouncing in the sunshine, laughing at me with the smallest spot of condensation right over the centre of its field of view.

The video wasn’t too bad in the end. We just faded a bit and proved it wasn’t all a joke and a terrible idea afterall.

We're still in there somewhere

Localised fogging

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