Day the Second

And I’ve already run into that unsurprising block that comes with having done very little other than stare blankly at an unchanging (it is changing really, I generally feel I ought to do something) screen of code all day.

The trouble is my life has set into much more of a routine than I ever expected and rather than make everything seem boring and slow as I’d have thought it would, it makes time fly past. This must be what having fun is.

I’m generally awake at six. I have to wake up at six so that by the time I have thumped the alarm and rolled over for another cycle of the sleep timer, I still have time to get some training done before work.

I have a turbo trainer that I bought about four years ago during the time that I used to race XC for training. Although I was training then, I didn’t have a plan as such and therefore never really used it. I then went to uni and rowed for three years, getting used to following training plans fairly religiously in the process. Since I don’t yet have an erg I turned to the turbo as a handy way of preventing me having to drive 40 miles a day to the boat club or pay a gym subscription to train. The outcome of this is me sitting in the garage for 50 minutes every morning steaming gently the whine of a flywheel and the soundtrack to the latest episode of whichever series I’m working through.

It didn’t take long for me to realise that staring at a wall for an hour gets boring pretty quickly so I now watch TV shows instead. This has two benefits. Firstly, I don’t notice the time going so never get that “I must be more than half way through now, surely” feeling, and secondly, I’m not letting myself watch any of it while not cycling so I have the added motivation of wanting to watch more to get out in the morning. So far it’s working well and I’ve surprised myself by how often I’m managing it. I’ve now worked my way through both series of Green Wing (highly recommended if you enjoy fairly unintellectual sitcoms) and now have the second series of 24 on the go (also recommended (crime drama) and for the bargain price of £3.80 on Play, I couldn’t find a better alternative).

This generally takes until twenty past 7, give or take. If it’s earlier I relax into the “I’ve got plenty of time – I don’t need to hurry” mentality and don’t get anything done. If it’s later than that I get into the “oh no, I’m late” mentality and run around in a rush and still don’t get anything done. It’s a bit like one of those ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ stories where whichever path you choose you always end on page 247 where I’m ready about two minutes after I needed to be and, if anyone is around, can be seen running out of the house in a flurry of untied shoes, undone bags and assorted items of clothing and lunch paraphernalia.

What follows is nine hours of me sitting at a desk (in a box, in a barn – but that’s a whole new story) trying to understand why things don’t have the attributes I feel they ought to and how best to wallpaper over the exceptions that are being thrown at me by the evil Lord Python Interpreter.

The evening has eating involved as its main focus along with the general time passing that takes place when one has three hours and isn’t quite sure of the task to which one should devote it. There are plenty of things I should do but since none is of higher priority than the next, they are all settling, quite comfortably, into the to-do list. Occasionally they are joined by another job that needs doing but as yet, being evicted from their new home is a risk that I doubt most of them are even aware of.

Then at about twenty minutes after I planned to, I crash in the slightly unimpressed mood that comes whenever I see my phone say “alarm set for 7hours 32minutes”*. Why would they put that there? It’s just cruel.

PS. I’m currently hoping as much as you are that this weekend brings fun and frivolities that will entertain and amuse us all for days to come. I’m not sure how much of today’s level of excitement I could take.

*I’m aware this isn’t a bad amount of sleep but it is considerably less than I would choose without the alarm being there

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One thought on “Day the Second

  1. I like the idea of *only* watching a series while training, I would venture that GoT is perfect fodder for this sort of thing (doesn’t need too much concentration). Equally when the clocks changed there was nothing quite so sweet as setting the alarm for 8am at midnight and seeing ‘alarm set for 9 hours time’.

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