Things that can be found in Germany

More specifically, things that I found in one small part of Germany. And also those things that I wouldn’t expect. No one wants to see ‘I found a traffic light’.

First of all we went for a walk around a park. What could possibly be that unexpected there? A strange tree perhaps? A troupe of morris dancers? No. There was a camel.

More accurately, three camels. All fighting over the same tap

About as bemused as one would expect, we carried on walking. The next surprise shouldn’t really have been a surprise. having seen the camels. But still. who goes for a walk in a city to find a polar bear?

Camels and Polar bears living together must end in big fights over the thermostat

Moving away from the crazy Saharan ice-caps to the more normal end of town we came across this. I can only imagine it’s their answer to Liverpool’s Lamb Banana.

The Super Lamb Banana Rabbit

Leaving the wild grasslands of this crazy city and heading to the thriving centre of this metropolis showed the different way they do road signs (we’re almost on to traffic lights – watch out). In England, signs are very symbolic. You only know what most of them mean by learning the meanings. Basing everything on what they look like could leave you wondering why you should be wary of men fighting umbrellas.

Somehow I always get the feeling someone ought to say ‘Gesundheit’ after reading anything in German.

Here they do detailed signs. It may not be as instantly recognisable but even without knowing what the amalgamation of letters that pass for a word mean, you can deduce that throwing riderless bicycles at mirrors can cause either rain or sparks and make the wheels bend. It’s comforting to know that roads aren’t signed so much as illustrated.

Not so much unexpected as hugely impressive were the Lego creations. Made of normal size bricks, these things were almost life size. It was like someone had zoomed in on some one too much and they become pixelated. Quite a bizarre sight.

I think I might be inspired to finally watch StarWars if I knew it had monkeys fighting the light stick things.

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2 thoughts on “Things that can be found in Germany

  1. Kate

    It’s teddy bears not monkeys in Star Wars.

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