Living a life of Luxury

This is one of the aforementioned draft posts that has been resuscitated. Only this one was confined to the reject bin (any excuse) through a lack of internet connection at a time several weeks after that resolution and was then duly forgotten about as I failed on the November writing thing. Imagine if you will that this is the night of the 20-somethingth of November…

Luxury means different things depending on who you ask. Or I assume it does anyway. I can’t say I’ve asked many people.

For some, luxury is the sports car they have in their garage or the private jet they use for the longer trips. I’m sure there are people all the way down the scale. For some it’ll be the two week holiday somewhere that isn’t flooded or cold, a meal out in a fancy restaurant now and then, buying the small things they want in life rather than struggling to buy the necessities. At the other end of the scale (and one’s mind always seems to jump to ‘Africa’ as a whole at these points) there are those for whom a meal and clean water is luxury and can’t be expected often.

Of course, if Michael Palin, Graham Chapman and co are to be believed, there are those who think “[having] to get up in the morning at ten o’clock at night half an hour before [going] to bed, drink[ing] a cup of sulphuric acid, work[ing] twenty-nine hours a day down mill, and pay[ing] mill owner for permission to [go] to work, [getting] home, [where one’s parents would] kill [one] and dance about on[one’s] grave singing Hallelujah” is considered luxurious by some.

At the moment, the biggest highlight of this house’s inventory is the addition of central heating. This has a self inflicted denial, through the delayed renovation work that started in the middle of (what was technically) summer. Until now we’ve been lighting an open fire in the living room on most evenings and having a single electric heater on the landing. It’s not been a warm house.

I know I am in no position to complain about life – I’m living full board and lodgings with my parents – but numb feet aren’t unusual and you get used to seeing your breath around the house (‘Look at me, I’m a dragon/steam train”). I’ve never really minded too much and seem less affected by the cold than some people but I have to admit, the prospect of warmth is quite appealing.

It’s not all gone according to plan though; it’s having teething troubles. This evening was spent walking from radiator to radiator with a bleeding key pouring black water over the carpets.

And one of the new joins in the plumbing has decided to leak so it’s all going to have to be shut down and drained again but it’s nice to know it’s there anyway.

I’m going to go back to being a dragon.

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