This is the first year since 1987 (and therefore in my lifetime) that the year has four distinct digits.

I was at this point going to write, in overview form, what had happened to me since I wrote a new year’s post last year. Then I went back to find it and discovered that this would be a little tricky since it was actually two years ago. Two years. How did that happen?

What this means is that you get two years for the price wasted time of one. Aren’t you lucky?

So in the last two years, 2011 and 2012, I have, in no particular order:

  • scraped a pass in both years I  had left of an unappreciated degree and therefore…
  • …graduated
      (hooray, woo, class of 2012 etc etc)
  • spent a weekend, with some of the most amazing people, in Nottingham (which wasn’t actually in Nottingham)
      and then spent a weekend with them not in Nottingham (which also wasn’t)
  • failed another minor cycling trip
      I got through one and a half days of a two day trip to the north but, although I managed my first century (113 miles with full luggage) on day one, ran out of time and had to get a train on day two. I didn’t think I’d have the energy to be sociable after arriving at what would have been nearing midnight.
  • failed to even plan another one
  • seen polar bears in Germany and Giraffes in Yorkshire
  • Won my first rowing point.
  • Learnt to scull and won my first sculling race
  • Made the first VIII and prequalified for Henley
  • then stroked the first IV to the quarter finals at Henley (3/4 length from semis – not that I’m bitter)
  • Tore my hamstring and spent two months limping
  • Got a job and survived (at least) four months without losing it.

Looking back that’s a remarkably short list. I didn’t even have to condense it. I can’t help but feel I do very little that’s noteworthy. This needs to change before next year I think.

So let’s go back to that forgettable day two years ago. To the post that was also the very first I wrote on this blog (albeit under a different name at the time) and to the part where I give myself improbable resolutions.

Having recently launched into a tirade against traditions and doing things because that’s what one does, it may seem odd that I’m now going to follow tradition and think about the year ahead in terms of a mixture of unnecessary and most likely unachievable goals. I think this tradition has always appealed to me by erring more on the side of forcing you to organise and chart your life than organise it for you. This way I have targets and can have tick boxes and charts to show the rate of achievement of arbitrary success. There could even be graphs. I have a check-list against which I can mark myself. What’s not to love?

So, last time I resolved to:

  • Get 6:30 for 2k
      I managed this within the first year and then bettered my time again in the second year.
      1:0 to me
  • Get 17:30 for 5k
      Again, managed this in the first year and beat it again in year two
      2:0 to me
  • Succeed in LEJOG or other cycle tour
      Nope, not even close. I started on a minor one and failed that.
      2:1 to me
  • Pass another year
      I would have succeeded in this if I hadn’t written ‘in a similar style to this year’ at the end. I did pass. The rest is debateable. Call it a draw?
      3:2 to me

In the other less quantifiable side of things I did not manage to be on time for things. I did sleep through many lectures. In terms of the trade muscle for fat thing, I did but not to the extent planned. That’s always the case though, right? My finances are still a mainly unknown territory other than glimpses of order as I think about being organised every now and then.

If we were still keeping score at this point I may end up losing so we’ll stop there I think.

Moving on to the future and the next things I have to set for myself, this year I will.

  • get 6:10 for 2k
      this is the cut off for GB trials and is therefore a target set by someone else but I’ll use it. It’s tough but doable
  • get 16:20 for 5k
      this is an arbitrary number I pulled out of the air but it seems a suitable distance from both doable and improbable.
  • 1:44 for 30min r20
      much the same as the 5k. I might make it.
  • Race at Henley
      depending on where I end up, this could include just going to qualifiers. I’ll decide this time next year.
  • At least go through the process of GB trials
      the outcome of this depends on so many things but if the other goals come anywhere close this should be within reach. They’re at the end of the year but we’ll have to see.

For the non rowing side of my life I will:

  • track money
      I will do this. I will
  • Write something here at least twice a week
      the shorter the better, When I did the daily post thing in November people read it and I like people reading it. It makes the graph of views look more interesting.
  • Move out
      nothing against my parents here but having spent three years at uni in (at least partly) my own home, it’s hard going back to what is very much someone else’s house.
  • Get a proper job
      not that this one isn’t but it was always supposed to be temporary

And this year’s bonus un-quantifiable goal is to do something interesting with my life now and then.

So that’s that then. I will be back next year with a large red pen.

(I may already be slightly late with the two posts a week thing – maybe I should have  split this in two)

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4 thoughts on “So…2013

  1. you and your graphs! 🙂

  2. Blogs are public and therefore automatically create a huge amount of accountability – are you sure you want that? 😉 I would say good luck, but most of it isn’t luck based, so, um, good commitment and determination and stamina… and circumstances – they’re hepful too 😛

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