To err is human

I’m not a fan of mistakes, they make writing look silly and as such I am asking a favour of anyone out there reading this. If you spot any mistakes (spelling/grammar/punctuation etc – double spaces happen all too often apparently, that’s the kind of level I’m after) tell me. Don’t be polite, don’t think “it’s only a minor thing, it doesn’t matter”. Point it out. Even if you aren’t sure.

I’ll even give out points if it makes you more likely to find them. And what do points mean? That’s right, an exaggerated sense of self worth. Who wouldn’t want that?

Thank you all.

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3 thoughts on “To err is human

  1. Try as hard as I might I could find nothing wrong with this post, maybe asking people to correct you produces an inverse version of Muphry’s Law (

  2. Kate

    Points mean prizes.

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