What’s one size down from taking baby steps?

I did the same ride again yesterday and it turns out there is something more uncomfortable than 20 miles on a bike for the first time in months. It’s getting back on and doing it again the day after.

This time it was even windier but a different direction of windiness. The last three miles were some of the least pleasant that I’ve ridden. That effort was far too great for the speed achieved. Until that final turn onto the climb to home I was quite comfortably up on the previous attempt. The tail wind on the ‘back-straight’ section was more so and the main climb was as sheltered. When I did finally cross the line I was still up.

By six seconds.

That still counts, right? That’s an improvement. Just think, in 130 rides time I’ll be on for a record. If I wanted to make it any time soon I’ll be dizzy.

Today I decided against fighting the elements and chose instead to sit on the turbo for a while. In the end I watch two episodes of 24. That’s 90 minutes after warming up/stretching etc. I feel that’s more than equivalent though I’m not sure it justified the amount I’ve just eaten. I’m now going to lie in a darkened room for a while and be a snake.

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3 thoughts on “What’s one size down from taking baby steps?

  1. Pidgeon steps? If nothing else their feet are smaller 🙂

    And of course it counts. Think how good winning a race with a 6 second margin is.

    I would say keep your PB written somewhere, and then forget about it – I’d find it much more motivating to use the current time as the one to beat than something you set such a long time ago. I also think starting traning in a gale is slightly masochistic.

    There are probably loads of studies which I know nothing about, but I’m guessing as you get fitter (and the wind dies down) you won’t just get better each time, you’ll get more better *loves grammar really ;P* By that I mean that you’ve just added 6 seconds. Next time, you might add 7, the time after that 9, then 16 and so on. Incidentally, if you continued in such a manner (TimeOfPreviousRide – (6 + (RideNo – 2)) you would beat your target before Easter, (or after 44 more rides depending on how often you do can go round before getting dizzy). Yes, I wrote it out and counted 🙂 there’s bound to be formulae for these things, but you’re the maffs man. I also ignored the fact that the improvement graph’s likely to be slightly bell-shaped (in my head anyway), but I also ignored the wind/lack-of-wind so it might even out a bit…

    So. Click to send. Third time lucky? I’ve written this post, or something like it, twice already and had it disappear into wherever text goes when the internet eats it. If you can read this I guess it means it didn’t taste as good..

  2. I think if anything the improvements get smaller each time or there would be an olympic final every four years for lots of events each taking 0 seconds.

    But maybe there is a stage somewhere in the middle where they increase.

  3. HEY! I want crumply brown paper for my comment too 😦

    Hmm.. Okay. Sounds logical. Someone else clever told me learning new stuff is fun because the improvement is so big… So that makes 2 of you.

    However. that would mean your 130 rides is way out as well… you’ll be there for years.

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