I am (500 miles)

I made it. Not by much but still, 30 days, 501 miles.

I have (of course) kept meticulous records during the month which now allows me to divulge all sorts of ‘intriguing’ statistics that I’m sure one of us will be interested in [Graph Warning].

Firstly, I use a HR monitor on all sessions. This means I have things like total time and calories. I can say with some (there are times when the correct HR isn’t recognised for the first few minutes of a session) authority, that this month I have burnt 24,072kcal (above and beyond BMR) over 27.5 hours in 24 sessions. Taking the 501 mile figure, this means an average speed of 18.2mph. Average (road) riding speed was 20.0 mph.

Isn't that exciting

Isn’t that exciting?

We can keep going from here although on a slight detour. If I’d been very dedicated I would have ridden a similar distance every day, never having to put in a large increase, just to make the target. This didn’t happen. During the first two weeks I rode 175 miles. By the end of the third week I’d ridden another 122 miles, taking me to 297. This left me with nine days and a ~200 mile deficit. I did the obvious thing at this point and took a day off. In the final eight days I rode 204 miles. This included another rest day/day off as well. If I’d kept that rate for the whole month I’d have been getting on for 800 miles (depending on days off).

Cumulative Distance

Even without holding a steady rate through the month, I did manage to succeed in my aim of riding at least every other day. I’ve not had two days off in a row since the beginning of March. I think that is helping as much as the distance.

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One thought on “I am (500 miles)

  1. WELL DONE!! 🙂 *very impressed*

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