Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

Or “I am not 500 miles”.

Last month I got off to a slowish start the 500 miles and stayed roughly constant until the end at which point I rode further than usual for a few days and finished on 501 miles. I made it but not by much.

This month I started out with the same spirit that I finished April with. I was riding ~40miles a day with out it seeming too bad. I was enjoying it, and the miles were racking up, seemingly, without effort. By the end of the first week I was on ~200 miles – a distance it had taken two weeks to cover in April. From there, two things happened. I got complacent and it started raining. The next two weeks saw me cover 70 miles (each), this last week is highly likely to be the same. If tomorrow is anything like the last couple of days, I will finish this month on 415 miles.

Dropping from averaging ~30/day for the first week to 10/day for the next three is quite disappointing really. I have managed to keep the ‘no two days off in a row’ part going though albeit by the skin of my teeth. One day was a short 4mile XC loop that used to take me ~17 minutes. This time I rode it very sedately, finishing in a modest 25. I wasn’t pushing and it was nearly dark; if I didn’t have to count it as having ridden, I wouldn’t.

One positive to take from it is the records given by the lovely Strava. The lazy climb up one side gave me a KoM and the gently roll down the other side, stopping to take a photo on the way, gave me 7th – 1:15 from the best. Somehow I don’t think the XC side is quite as competitive as the road side.

Yay for Sunsets with Phone Cameras

Yay for Sunsets with Phone Cameras

At the other extreme I have discovered this guy. He is actually crazy. As an amateur cyclist he is cycling all three grand tours at the same rate as the pro teams just staying ahead of the road closures; only a handful of professional cyclists have ever competed in all three before (in the same year). If you couldn’t tell, I am very impressed.

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2 thoughts on “Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

  1. Your link seems to be broken (at least on the WordPress app). Taking your bike away with you?

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