Who knows where the time goes?

I’ve been here for two weeks. How did that happen? There is very little in my life that hasn’t changed in those two weeks and yet I’m still left feeling like it’s been two days at most.

From what I can remember, I have…

A lot. I should have seen this coming considering where my house is relative to work and the boat club but I seem to spend a shocking amount of time driving. Most of this has been in the dark on the small winding lanes that pass as roads in Oxfordshire. Some are even wide enough for two cars to pass each other.Thursday was a big day for me. After commuting for a week (from the new house), I managed to drive to work then from work to the boat club without once taking a wrong turn or having to check where I was supposed to be going. It may just be me but every road appears to be the same.
This may not be strictly true. I have attended my place of employment every day but as yet am yet to do anything that could be considered of use to the company. I spent the first week (while not reading every document on the intranet (“Is there anything I’m supposed to be doing?” “I’m sure there’s more to read yet”)) being told how to avoid being x-rayed. Last week I had a four day Java course that went, in one step, from writing functions to dependency injection and multi-threading. I’m not entirely sure I kept up.Next week I’m being trained not to catch fire. I hope this is easier to follow
… started rowing (again)
This one might get its own post sometime in the near future but it’s probably fair to say it’s been a bit of a shock to the system.

Suddenly I have all this stuff happening and very little time to be doing anything else. Until recently I had all day every day to do stuff in and I never did anything. I was never bored but nothing got done. I now get maybe 20 hours a week that aren’t earmarked for something or other. Most of these are weekend afternoons. Today I spent most of them asleep.

This week was brought to you by Fairport Convention – I think writing every week was the plan wasn’t it? Twice a week? Well that means I’m only 82 posts behind schedule.

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2 thoughts on “Who knows where the time goes?

  1. Can I say “welcome to the real world” here without being considered mean? :p

    If you figure out how to use your 20 hours in a productive manner do let me know…

    *thinks* Hey!! 20 hours is almost 3 hours a day!! That’s luxury that is…

  2. Always with the quantifying 😛 I hope you don’t catch fire either.

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