66,795 press-ups

… is quite a few. They’d take a while. Possibly a whole year. If you were so inclined you might build up to them gently, perhaps doing one on Janurary 1st, then two on January 2nd etc. They’d seem so easy, taking less time than it takes to boil the kettle. By March you’d be doing 90 in a day. Still not much of an issue. Do three sets of thirty and you can get one done while the kettle’s boiling, one while the frozen bolognese is defrosting and another while the water is running to wash up.

Come July and you’re doing six sets. A bit more planning is required but you can still get away with starting them at quarter to midnight if you don’t get home until late. By October the eight sets are starting to get in the way. While cycling LEJoG you could integrate them into rest stops on the side of the road and stop caring about the bemused expressions of car drivers going past – “five more miles, then a jelly baby and press-up stop”. On some occasions there may be marmalade sandwiches involved.

By December, the eleven sets would start to be a prominent feature of the evening. A phone alarm at regular intervals may help prevent them being left until half eleven. Not that that would ever happen. Of course not.

Some people might be caught as innocent bystanders and may find this inconvenient. These people would have to learn to live with.

If you were daft enough to take up such a challenge, you’d do an average of one press up every eight(ish) minutes for a year. Taking the 2818 hours of sleep into account gives one every 5½ minutes. If you also work ten hours (including commuting) a day on week days, that’s another 2080 hours out leaving one every 3 minutes. For a year. That’s a diluted average though. For December that moves to 10,850 press-ups in 31 days – an average of one every four minutes. For the days with work and sleep that’s one a minute.

One a minute doesn’t actually sound that many and to be honest it’s not as difficult as it may sound. The hard part is making yourself do them. Everyday. No missing one. No catching up the day after or building up credit before a day you know would be difficult to fit them in. Everyday.

Daft as it may seem to undertake such an endeavour, it does give you a strange sense of achievement at the end. I highly recommend it.

There is neither rhyme nor reason behind the layout of apps here

I waited all year for that to say 365

For any one interested in trying it, I recommend two apps (android but I assume something similar exists for the lesser OSes). MyChain (shown above) counts how many days you’ve done something for. Very useful for checking off each day and telling you how many you’re supposed to be doing. Simplest Checklist does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a very simple checklist widget. I used it to keep track of how many sets I had left. Counting to twelve is hard enough. Remembering how many you’ve done is a nightmare. Even using it I had moments of “did I tick that last set off?” (very annoying if, like me, you err on the side of caution and assume you did).

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3 thoughts on “66,795 press-ups

  1. You did it???????? SERIOUSLY???

    You now qualify as the craziest person I know, certainly sportwise (except maybe for the guy I work with) …

    I also think that’s awesome 🙂 I’m well proud of you 🙂 🙂 🙂

    P.s. If i’d started such a challenge I would have done one per day for the first month, 2 a day for the 2nd month and decided not to bother by March (3 is far too many for one day – I would probably collapse …)

  2. You washing up is far more unlikely than you doing several thousand pressups 😛

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