On the subject of crazy challenges

Having finished last year’s challenge I went to the source of the craziness inspiration to see if there was an update of any kind (who doesn’t love being congratulated?). When the title appeared as #Challenge2015 a small part of me wanted to shutdown the computer and pretend it had never been written. While I’m glad I’d done the last one, I was looking forward to having my evenings back. If there was a new one to take up now I’d have a tough time convincing myself not to do it.

Reading through it anyway, it looks like “do the same again” but for a different exercise. I can avoid that without feeling too bad. What did catch my eye was the “bonus challenge” at the bottom.

For those Officers and anyone who is conditioned to press ups (don’t get injured): 5000 press ups in 1 calendar week.

5000 press-ups. In a week. On one hand it’s only a week. On the other, 5000 is madness.

To give it some perspective, last year it took until April 10th to have done that many. The last 5000 took a fortnight. Knowing that I wouldn’t be able to pass up such a challenge completely, I think getting it over and done with early while I’m used to it is the way forward. How much difference can it really be going from 360/day to 715/day?

So here we go. From midday on Sunday 4th January to midday on Sunday 13th January, I am going to do press-ups. It doesn’t look like I’m going to be doing much else.

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One thought on “On the subject of crazy challenges

  1. Sounds like a killer 🙂

    DB says “Respekt” (with a capital R and a K)

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