Overachieving, or the second three and a half days

Very unexciting times really; there’s nothing like doing press-ups every five minutes to kill an evening. I managed the 5,000 target by midday yesterday (Saturday) and decided to carry on at which point I was informed that I was mad and needed to get a life. Having done this challenge, I figured it was probably inevitable that at some point I’d want to see if I could do 6,000 in a week and if you’re going to do that, starting at 5,000 probably makes it easier. So I did. It may have been a bit of a sprint finish towards the end (300 in the last half hour) when rowing took up all morning but I made it.

  • 6,010 press-ups in 7 days is about one every 100 seconds.
  • Excluding work and sleep to make it sound more impressive, it’s one every 40 seconds.
    • Which still doesn’t sound as much as it felt.
  • Given that each set of 30 takes around 45 seconds, I spent around 2½ hours face down on the kitchen floor.
  • Last year’s one-more-every-day challenge took until the end of April to reach 6000

This year’s off to a great start.Press ups. Lots of press ups

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One thought on “Overachieving, or the second three and a half days

  1. Well done! 🙂

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