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Rising to Another Challenge (or hill reps until you’re ill)

Having only managed to complete 500 miles in a month once, what I obviously needed was another challenge to add to it. This one came ready made from the lovely people at Strava. I have been carefully giving them all my personal information since the beginning of the year and in return they give me graphs and numbers. Every month they also give challenges which you can join, and then watch as your achievements are made to look insignificant by one of the nutters who ride 5,000 km a month.

As part of the 100th tour celebrations, they made two challenges. The first was to cover half the distance of the (1680km) during the month, the second was to climb the combined height of four of the major climbs (Peyresourde, Ventoux, Sarenne and Alpe d’Huez – 7235m) during the final week of the tour (to coincide with the week they’re in the Alps). Continue reading

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Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

Or “I am not 500 miles”.

Last month I got off to a slowish start the 500 miles and stayed roughly constant until the end at which point I rode further than usual for a few days and finished on 501 miles. I made it but not by much.

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